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3 Great Reasons Why Chicago’s Top Companies Trust Rosie’s Catering

IBM, Walsh Construction, United Airlines, American Hospital Association, and hundreds of other great Chicago companies can choose any caterer… Here’s why they call Rosie’s…

1.) Delicious Food Made with Fresh Ingredients and Love

Everyday, our job is to serve fresh food that impresses our clients… and yours. That’s why we buy fresh produce daily and prepare all of our sandwiches with fresh baked bread. Our oven-roasted chicken breasts are cooked to order every single day. And that’s just the beginning. In fact, everything served from our kitchen is prepared with the same love found in momma Rosie’s own home cooking!

2.) Being Smaller Means We Work Harder for YOU

As a family business based in the cut-throat Chicago Loop, we have to work harder to stay ahead of our giant corporate competitors. Chain restaurants and caterers may lose you in the shuffle. But when you call Rosie’s, you can speak directly to the owners of the company. The buck truly stops here.

We don’t have the budgets or buying power of bigger companies, so our profits are much slimmer. Yet, we are still competitively priced and provide personal service you simply won’t get from a typical chain caterer. Give us a chance to earn YOUR trust… we promise to work harder than anyone else!

3.) Family Business Built Exclusively on Word of Mouth

While our competitors have huge marketing departments and advertising budgets, Rosie’s Cafe has (believe it or not) never spent a single penny on traditional advertising or marketing. You may wonder how we stay in business and continue to thrive? It’s really no big secret. Simply look no further than our long list of ecstatic and loyal clients who spread the word about our food and service. No amount of advertising can buy the true endorsement of happy clients!